A growing community - ConditionalAcceptance.com
A growing community - ConditionalAcceptance.com
A Growing Community

We are a growing community of sovereign men and women, and their families, who are dedicated to mastering the life skill of conditional acceptance.  While this is not the only skill required to exercise and defend our rights, we deem it to be an essential weapon in this spiritual battle we are engaged in for the freedom of humanity.

Survey (Questionnaire) for Community Members

Please take a few minutes to complete this anonymous survey and questionnaire for community members.  Your answers will help me improve the quality of the educational materials and services offered through this platform.

Anonymous Survey for Community Members - ConditionalAcceptance.com

Become a Community Moderator 

Enjoy the privileges of membership in exchange for a few hours of work per week
  • Help moderate discussion and conversation across our communities on Telegram and Discord
  • Compile a list of priority topics for further research and study
  • Ensure that everyone’s questions are answered
  • Help guide people to find information and point them in the right direction
  • Keep our community free of spam, fraud and disruptive behavior

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Community Rules & Best Practices

By participating in our community as a member of the above forums, you agree to abide by our community rules and guidelines:
  1. This is a private community by voluntary participation.  This is not a public forum or venue.
  2. The specific purpose of this community is to provide a forum where we help each other be more successful in our administrative processes related to conditional acceptance contracts, and enforcement therein. 
  3. In general, sharing knowledge and ideas supporting the principal mission of this platform is encouraged.  The principal goals include ending debt-slavery and voluntary servitude worldwide and helping to create communities and societies based on truth, freedom, mutual respect, and personal responsibility.
  4. Sharing of knowledge that supports this purpose is encouraged.  Such knowledge includes natural law, common law, commercial law, trust law, contract law, and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC,) statutes, acts, and other relevant sources.
  5. You are welcome and encouraged to share knowledge and resources from other educators and mentors, especially when you have personally benefitted from the application of the knowledge or processes they teach.
  6. When in doubt about what is acceptable to share, use common sense, and always act honorably and in good faith and with the intention of serving truth and benefiting the entire community.
  7. If you want to publicize your products or services, or promote products and services offered by another company or organization, please make sure you obtain approval prior to doing so.  Otherwise, you will be restricted or banned.  You can request approval by sending a message.
  8. Any hate speech, cyber-bullying, harassment, intimidation, cyber-stalking, threats, deception, false claims, providing misleading information, misrepresentation, or any similar type of communication by a member of the community will result in the immediate and permanent ban of that member.
  9. Any unsolicited request for funds (currency) sent from one member to another by private communication is strictly prohibited and is grounds for an immediate ban from the group.
  10. Only approved partners may promote a product or service in the forum; a moderator may remove any other promotion of specific products and services.  Unless you repeatedly violate this rule, this will not necessarily get you banned.
  11. Discussion about politics, including political ideas, ideology, political thought, current events, etc, while not strictly prohibited, is generally discouraged.  There are two reasons for this.  First, most community members know that no solutions to human freedom lie in the political realm, which is in the realm of effects, and not causal.   We also recognize that most modern politics is just a form of distraction from the truth about natural law.  Secondly, proponents of political ideology tend to push their ideas as though they were truth, and even engage in forms of cyber-bullying to promote their agendas.  Having said that, occasional references to current events and politics are okay in context and in moderation.
  12. The same holds true for discussions about religion or religious thought.
  13. Discussion about any other topic not mentioned here, is welcome and not prohibited, so long as such discussion doesn’t violate any of the other community rules.
  14. If you would like to become a moderator of this community, please send a message through the website, or contact a moderator or group administrator via private message.  Similar to acting as a trustee, being a moderator is a duty requiring honor and good faith and is an important pillar of the community.