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Freedom Activist

  • Learn conditional acceptance at your own pace through the online course, featuring replays of the free live workshops.
  • Biweekly Private Study Sessions with other members.
  • Access to templates of various conditional acceptance letters and all documents required to contract with the US Treasury to collect on a Claim of Lien.
  • Access to books, videos, and other resources.
  • Private Telegram Group for members only.
  • Other benefits and privileges offered from time to time.



  • All Freedom Activist benefits, plus:
  • Monthly private 1-on-1 consultation with David.
  • Website banner to promote your business.


Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I access my membership privileges, like workshop replays, templates, etc?

You’ll find everything on the online course platform. 

Thinkific hosts the course, and we use a private-label version under the Conditional Acceptance brand.

The URL is  This is the permanent link and you may bookmark it; it’s also easy to remember.

You’ll log in using the same email address you entered when you purchased the subscription.   

You’ll also receive a welcome email inviting you to set your password the first time you log in. 

I recommend checking your spam or junk mail folder if the welcome email isn’t in your inbox.

I forgot my password

You can use the “forgot password?” prompt on the login screen

When I log in, I do not see any courses on the main screen – it’s empty!

Once logged in, click “My Dashboard” to view your enrollments and access courses, templates, and more.

Isn’t Thinkific a paid service?  I don’t want to pay more to access it!

You don’t have to pay anything for use of Thinkific; access is already included in your membership.

I can’t access the assets in Google Drive anymore

Now that we’ve migrated to Thinkific (see above,) access to Google Drive has been fully revoked.  If you feel that a particular resource is not available online, then please send me a message.

How do I cancel my membership?

When you enrolled, you receive an email from Stripe with access to your subscription.  You may use the link to cancel at any time.  If you can’t find the link, please send me a message via the website and reference the email address you used to enroll.

Why Membership?

Membership allows you to support the ongoing efforts of this project for as little as what you spend per week on coffee, beer, or your favorite treat.

I’ve set up the membership tiers to be jam-packed with massive value, including private study sessions, access to recordings, and more.

If you have specific questions about what is or is not included, send me a message!